Sunday, March 4, 2012

May's Baby Sprinkle

My future sister-in-law May is having her second baby in March. A sister for Jonah, YAY! Her sisters Grace and Lori threw her a shower and I made a few decorations for them. They did most of the work though and it was adorable! One of the best ideas was a headband/hair-clip making station for the baby. Adorable!
Welcome sign I made, matched the evites.

Sprinkled with Love flag banner was me, the puffs were Grace.

Another diaper cake of mine.

Marisa and May, yay for spring babies!!

Marisa's baby Shower #1

So a tad bit of back story, my friend for 15 plus years, Marisa, is having a baby. Awesome, can't even describe how awesome this really is. The best part, she is keeping us all in suspense, the gender of Baby Azra is a surprise! Her family threw her the first shower and kept to the color scheme of the nursery, yellow and grey. Two of my favorites, which I think is why I have been so excited about doing crafts and decorating the nursery. I did the diaper cakes, and my mom made the owl floral arrangement for this shower. It was so fun! Her sisters and family did an amazing job with the decorations and every other part of this celebration.

Me and the fabulous Mommy-to-Be

Marisa and the wall art I made for the baby's nursery. Matches the bedding perfectly might I add!
Our favors were the wraps on the back of the chairs. Such an adorable way to combine decor and gifts!

We area a lot more creative than this!

Man, our blog spot needs some help. I promised my mom that I would stay on top of it. Interject my witty humor and charm into each blog post along, with pictures of her beautiful creations. Well, at this task, I have failed miserably. Between work, planning a wedding, and a few baby showers, I have neglected my duties as blog master. So in this new year, (I know it's already March), I will try to make an effort to do this.

For starters, excuse the poor picture quality, we never claimed to be photographers, and thank goodness for that. However, we can promise you that our flowers, and decorations look a lot better in person.

Second, in my next bit of spare time I am going to try to get a website up and running, but in the mean time if you have questions, or comments, about our work, our prices, our capabilities, please feel free to email Mary at, or myself, Katie, at We would love to help you out with whatever it may be. Flowers, decorations, theme ideas, paper creation, whatever we can do to help and expand our creative minds we will!

Lastly, we had two adorable baby showers that we helped with and will be posting pics soon. Here is a teaser for now.