Friday, August 19, 2011

Succulent Wreaths

For Mothers Day a few years ago I took my mom to our favorite nursery, Seaside Nursery in Carpinteria for a succulent wreath making class. Not only was it fun but we learned a lot. At first out wreaths were small but as the years have passed and we have added some new succulents they have take on  a mind of their own. I still think they look pretty cool though.
Right after I made it.

A few years later.

It looks awesome hung up on a wall,

or even laying flat.

 My oh-so-creative mother also did a few succulent pots with holiday themes. It adds a little pop of color or decor to any table for the holidays.





Succulent Love

We love succulents over here at the White house. As far back as I can remember my parents have always had succulents and drought tolerant plants in our yard. For someone like me who can barely keep bamboo alive they are a great low maintenance plant, they require little water and are usually very hearty. They are easy to plant and add to any flower arrangement. There are varieties in many shades of green, red, brown, and even purple, and the flowering ones have some of the most vibrant colored buds I have ever seen. My fiance, Jon, and I landscaped our whole patio in succulents and I am proud to say they are thriving. Here are some photos of succulents from our yards.